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How to choose a best suitable Solar Generatoar

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Author : Vigorous Team
Update time : 2021-07-16 11:08:16
How to choose a best suitable Solar Generator
There are a plethora of different solar generators out there on the market. Many people want to get better prepared for blackouts, hurricanes, storms or just want better camping, RV or tiny house options.
Our company focus on Portable Solar Generator for many years,today i am glad to share with you,how to find a best suitable Solar Generaors. 

Below is 10 tips for you:
1.Battery capacity
3.Charge speed
4. Life cycle
5. Battery cell type 
6. Number of plugin ports
7. Inverter size
8. charge methods 
9. Car charging capability
10. Customer support and warranty

After selling for over 5 years Solar generators out ,we have found that these are the most important points to look for in a solar generator.

First of all, it can get quite confusing how some brands advertise their units. They say they have 1500 watt of power or that it can run a fridge all day or anything like that. Well, the unit may have 1500 watts of power meaning that it can run 1500 watts at a time, but may only have a 600-watt battery, not so good. That means you could run six, 100-watt light bulbs for 1 hour. Or you could run 15, 100-watt light bulbs for about 20 minutes. So, don’t always assume up front that the number they tell you is the battery size.
For example,our VXL3000, the battery capacity is 48V 60Ah,the rated power output is 1800Watt,that means,if you have a fridge,the rated power is 1800Watt,it can handle 1.5P air conditiner smoothly.

Secondly, don’t assume that it’s the inverter size either; some units have 1500-watt batteries and a 750-watt inverter. Still doesn’t make sense why they advertise that way.
The VXL3000 Inverter,is rated power 1800watt,and Max power is 3600watt.

Really battery capacity with a solar generator comes down to what you need to run. It really depends on how many things you can to run. Running items such as a full-size fridge, full-size deep freeze, lights, fans, TV if wanted, blender, juicer, microwave, wheat grinder, chargers, radios and so on.

During the summer however, you need to run fans all night long since it’s so hot. Others may need to run items such as CPAP machines or ventilators and so on. So really battery capacity comes down to your own needs.

we have found that 1,000 to 3,000 watts of battery capacity is plenty depending on energy requirements as well as how many solar panels are attached to the system.
Below picture is our VXL2000 power station,it can heat the 1500watt kettle.

Weight & Portability
Many people are getting a solar powered portable generator because they want to have power during emergencies. Others simply want an easy solution in their RV, tiny home or just for camping. So, if it’s for an RV then weight and portability aren’t huge factors. Camping and emergencies though weight and portability really matter.

We know many people,that prepare for hurricanes and storms every year because they know they those storms are definitely coming. Those storms are not decreasing in how often they happen, they’re actually increasing. When looking for your solar generator you need to consider the option that you may need to grab it and go to another location. That means you need to be able to grab it quickly and load it easily.

VXL2000 portable solar generator is 20KG 
VXL3000 portable solar generator is 30KG 

Life Cycles
How long will the unit last? Thousands of dollars is a normal price for one of these solar generators so how long is this investment going to last?
Sadly, most lithium-based generators will only last 500 cycles. 500 cycles sound like a lot but it should really be closer to 2,000 cycles. Our VXL3000 power station can be up to 3000 cycle time. you can test it exaclty.

A cycle is using the battery from 100% down to 0% (or whatever the minimum drain point is) then back up to 100%. Especially those out there who need this for emergency preparedness or even more so RV and tiny homes this is a big issue. A tiny home will likely use at least half a cycle a night on a solar unit. That means it will only last 1.5 to 3 years max.

For those preparing for an event such as an EMP attack, it is expected that the grid would go down for a minimum of two years but likely 10 years before being restored. That means the battery needs to be able to handle working that long.

When it comes to getting prepared, powering a dwelling, or just some fun camping, a solar generator is a great way to power items. If the right unit is purchased, then it can power lots of items for months on end without any concern. We have many customers personally use VXL3000 and VXL2000 units all the time and constantly testing them to make sure they have the absolute best setup and kits for the family. 

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